Welcome Message

Lori Waxenberg
Internship Training Director Dr. Lori Waxenberg, PhD, ABPP

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of the University of Florida Health Science Center Psychology Internship Program.  There is a detailed description of our program and our setting on this site, but I want to highlight a few things.  We are very proud to offer excellent training in general psychology skills in addition to three major areas of study:  Child/Pediatric Psychology, Medical/Health Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology.  Our faculty members are committed to help interns become competent professionals, confident in their clinical skills and their professional identity as a psychologist.

We have the rare distinction to be an independent department of Psychology located in an academic medical center.  We are well integrated into the hospital and have many excellent clinical and research relationships with physicians, nurses, physical therapists, etc.  Our interns are excited by the numerous opportunities to work with interesting and varied populations within the UF Health Shands hospital.

The faculty members at University of Florida consider interns to be junior colleagues.  Therefore, there is a sense of collaboration and support and an environment that highlights learning and developing confidence and competence in focused interest areas as well as broad and general areas of psychology.

I have been internship director now for over 10 years and it is still one of my favorite roles at UF.  I have had many an exit interview with graduating interns who share how much more confident they feel upon graduating than they did when they arrived.  Our graduates also emphasize the caring and support of the faculty that helped them become successful early career psychologists and the non-competitive, tight community of our department.  While maintaining our reputation as a busy and challenging training program, our interns consistently share their gratitude for the experience, the knowledge, and the new-found confidence that they are ready to face any new patient or clinical concern that comes their way.

Thank you again for visiting our program site.  You will find detailed information about every aspect of our internship program here.  I hope you find the description of the University of Florida Health Science Center Psychology Internship Program helpful and informative.

 Lori B. Waxenberg, Ph.D., ABPP