Important Dates

All interviews in 2024 will be held virtually.

Interview Infomation:

Personal virtual interviews will be offered to those applicants who have passed an initial review conducted by training faculty.

Virtual interviews will take place as follows:  

  • Our interview process consists of two parts: (1) A group portion, (2) one-on-one meetings with faculty members.
  • We will hold group meetings on December 6, 2024 and December 13, 2024 with the internship director, faculty in area of focus and current interns.  The group meeting day typically begins at 10am EST and ends at 2:15pm EST.
  • You will be able to schedule three individual interviews with faculty between December 6, 2024 and December 20, 2024
  • We highly recommend attending the group meetings before your individual interviews so that many of your general questions about the internship can be addressed and you can have a more specific focus in your individual interviews.

We will do our best to give you a thorough and accurate understanding and feel for our program, even though it will be virtual. You will have an opportunity to participate in a program overview with the internship director, meet individually with faculty members, and meet in small groups with current interns. For additional information, please contact Dr. Waxenberg, 352-273-5273 or via email: