Areas of Focus

The Internship Program combines intensive focused training together with general training in the practice of clinical psychology in a health care setting. Focused training occurs in one of three Major areas of Study: (1) Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology; (2) Medical/health Psychology; or (3) Clinical Neuropsychology. Focused training allows the intern to work intensively on a major area of professional interest and development. Interns train year round in their Major area of Study, rotating through a variety of assessment clinics. First and fourth quarter training is full time in the Major area of Study; second and third quarter is half time in general areas and half time in the Major area of Study. Thus, focused training accounts for about 75% of the intern’s assessment time and general training accounts for the remaining 25%. This provides opportunities to accomplish both breadth and depth of training in evaluation. A brief description of the types of training experiences and clinical problems encountered in each of the tracks is summarized in the column to the left.