Interns are asked to arrive in Gainesville and begin orientation 2 days prior to the July 1 official start date.  This allows overlap with the current intern class who can offer their guidance and suggestions in getting started.  We have done this for the past 2 years, with great satisfaction from all involved. 

In addition to meeting intern colleagues, orientation consists of a series of presentations to provide all new interns with a basic orientation to the program and preparation for much of the clinical training they will undergo during the year. Interns receive guidance in the implementation of our clinic operating procedures, as well as area-specific presentations about the rotations that are planned. All didactic components are supplemented with key readings to assist interns in basic preparation for the clinical training experiences that they will encounter during the internship year.

This may be done through zoom or in person, depending COVID protocols next summer.  We can have flexibility in the presentation but have our fingers crossed that we can meet in person as a wonderful and excited group of new trainees.