Clinical Health Psychology

Interns in the Clinical Health Psychology Track are encouraged to participate in the full range of assessment services offered by the faculty in this area.  Each intern is able to rotate through all Clinical Health rotations over the course of the year, while keeping active in specific populations throughout the year. Interns work with Dr. Waxenberg to create their schedule, indicating those areas they are most interested in, while balancing that with broader experience in the area.

Typically, Clinical Health interns attend two and a half days of assessment clinics per week. Most of those days are two rotations – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For example, pain clinic in the morning and transplant in the afternoon. The Clinical Health faculty work with interns to design their schedule so they gain assessment experience that are of most interest, balanced with broad training in the area.

Please see Sample Schedule – it’s much easier to see a schedule than to read about it.

Also, Rotations & Faculty will take you to a detailed list of Med/Health rotations and the supervising faculty.

In using this assessment scheduling structure, our goal is to give the Clinical Health interns the experience of being a health psychologist in a large academic medical center.  They gain exposure to a variety of models of assessment from the Clinical Health faculty members and have the opportunity to work with varied populations from the beginning of their training experience and throughout the training year.