Pediatric Endocrinology (Type 1 Diabetes Clinics)

Interns are essential members of the type 1 diabetes (T1D) medical team and will work within the multidisciplinary team that includes endocrinologists/diabetologists, endocrinology fellows and residents, nurses, certified diabetes educators, dietitians, and psychologists. The intern’s direct patient care clinical responsibilities may include conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, consultation/liaison in the T1D outpatient clinic, consultation/liaison with patients who are hospitalized for a new diagnosis of T1D, outpatient cognitive testing of patients who are newly diagnosed with T1D, and outpatient therapy. Psychosocial challenges that may be the focus of treatment include suboptimal adherence, family conflict about T1D management, depression, anxiety including fear of hypoglycemia and needle phobia, T1D-specific disordered eating behaviors including insulin restriction/diabulimia, and T1D-specific distress and burnout. Opportunities for working with youth with type 2 diabetes may be available, but are not guaranteed. Specialized didactic training on T1D topics occur weekly (e.g., understanding diabetes treatment technology, using technology to promote adherence, understanding the insulin treatment regimen, and psychosocial challenges related to T1D). The UF Diabetes Institute Grand Rounds are optional. Opportunities for involvement in T1D-related research are also available.