How We Are Keeping Safe During COVID19

We are doing a hybrid model of in-person and telehealth services for our patients. Interns are able to provide therapy services to patients both in person and telehealth, depending on patient preference. All telehealth sessions must be completed on site at the UFHealth, rather than an alternate work location.

Interns are engaged in in-person assessment experience with patients, particularly for child, neuropsychology, and inpatient evaluations. Interns are provided with appropriate PPE for this experience including masks and face shields/goggles. Cleaning materials are available in the clinics to maintain a safe space for all. There are also opportunities to engage in telehealth assessment.

We encourage interns to do report/note writing and therapy from an alternate work location (home) to maintain social distancing. Because intern offices are shared spaces, we are currently encouraging work from home as well as making socially distanced space available to them while they are engaged in in-person care.

Fortunately, our Psychology clinic was engaged in some telehealth work before the pandemic, so we are set up for telemedicine visits within our digital medical record system, EPIC. Our department has been very responsive to intern needs to balance safety and training and is able to respond quickly to changes in the pandemic if needed.